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Bulk Products:
Delivery available in a 40 Yard Straight Truck
or a 100 Yard Trailer

Animal Bedding :dry, fine ground hardwoods with minimal dust: very absorbent, but remains separated when used
Best Uses: Bed-pack, free stalls, or horse bedding

Red Oak Shavings: fine, particle sized, kiln-dried, red oak shavings with some dust
Best Uses: free stalls, bed-packs, but may be dusty for horses
Availability: Seasonally limited, call for availability

Soft Wood Shavings: dry shavings, with larger flakes, attractive, light color, but less absorbent than other products, but with very little dust
Best Uses: horses, stalls, or free stalls,as brown matter for composting
Availability: Year-round

Chips: ground softwood chips, dry, larger pieces about one and a half inches or less, least costly product
Best Uses: Bed-pack
Availability: limited year-round

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